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For over seven years Heeger Designs have been adapting and updated to the new technology that have been growing rapidly with new online display devices. From html coding, cms, flash, joomla and now wordpress. We have now made websites that's practically organic. The more your website grows the more your business turns into a success. We don't only design the websites but development them too. That includes the SEO codes that are embedded into all the websites we develop along with making them responsive. This feature is ready to display on all device technologies even the ones for tomorrow.

SEO plays a big part of your website along with analytics that provides the statistics of how many leads have been generated through your website. With this feature you will know how far your website is growing globally and how people have been returning to your website. This is the advantages of digital marketing where you will be able generate clientele and do business online with the e-commerce platform we offer. Selling products online has never been easier. We remove all the complicated messy stuff out of your hands for you to have a simple clean way of doing business online.

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  • Current Project Capacity63%
  • Repeat Clients92%
  • New Business from Referrals 77%
  • Avg. Client Revenue Increase 19%