What is Marketing Communication Strategy?

Your focus as a business leader is to drive sales into your company and to generate high overall profits. The marketing communications strategy is fundamental in that goal because marketing communications get consumer attention and entices consumers to reach out to your company. Consistent sales rarely happen without a strong marketing communications strategy. The process to develop this strategy starts with targeting the right consumers based on consumer need and how you fill that need.


A marketing communications strategy is the strategy a business uses to send the right marketing message to the right customer through the right medium at the right time, to achieve a high volume of sales.

Understand Your Demographics

Great sales representatives have often been described as "being able to sell ice to Eskimos." This cliche illustrates the point of understanding your target market. Selling something like ice to a group that probably doesn't need ice requires exceptional sales abilities. The good news is that you don't need to be an exceptional salesperson if you have done your homework about your target audience. Research the demographics of your ideal customer and then create your messaging around them.

For example, if you sell heartworm pills for dogs you would want to find groups of dog owners who live in areas where heartworm is prevalent.

Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

Marketing today is a very crowded space with consumers constantly hearing the "noise" of different marketing messages. It's on television, radio, print and all over the internet. When consumers are constantly being pitched different products and services, you need to make sure that you stand out. This is best accomplished by determining what you do best or differently from others. It's called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

For example, if you are a solar panel installer, you know that there is a lot of competition. Many homeowners don't want to install solar until they replace their roof. You could overcome this objection with a USP that works with a roofing company to save costs on both components or you could develop a method of installation that doesn't impede the roof replacement.

Be Consistent in Messaging

Make sure that your target market knows what you want to sell them. Too often, small business owners try to get too many messages out, sometimes in one ad. If your demographics research is done properly, you should be able to craft messages on websites, sales copy, emails and advertising that consistently conveys your message. Use language that your target market uses and design the messaging to fit their unique needs. For example, if your target market is senior citizens, make sure that your copy is presented in large font and is easy to read and comprehend. This is attractive to this demographic, in which most will have some level of vision problem.

Use the Right Marketing Avenues

There are a lot of options you can choose from as a business owner. Don't jump into every avenue of marketing just to flood the market. While this is good for branding, it is really a shotgun approach to getting sales. Instead, go where your target market goes. Younger generations are on social media, phones and apps. Use those areas as a central starting point. Some home-service providers find that weekly mailers or coupon books get consumers attention in this demographic. Find out how your customers buy, and find out what they read, and then track the success to see if any specific campaign has a better return on investment than another.

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